Tattooed mom’s

I'm going to write a country western song
about star's and stripes on tattooed mom's
i really don't know how it's going to sound
so i'll add a train that's homeward bound

Pickup trucks are a common theme
but God only knows what it really means
rusty bumpers and a ripped up seam
in a broken down truck in the middle of the street

Freedom is our national way
on the fourth of July we celebrate
gun control is the topic each day
damn those commies who have a say

Every mom with a flag tattoo
express our nation in a bar with booze
it's a drinking game we never lose
with every cool cowboy in a snake skinned boot

Did i leave anything out of this snazzy tune
oh yeah one night i shot the moon
never killed a man i really knew
hey Willie Nelson this one's for you

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