Fire dancing all around without illuminating light. An over abundant smile of energy masquerades impending fright. Which way to turn, which face to trust? A thought becomes another in an instant they combust. All empowered, powerless, a wicked burden surely jerks. A couple brick red little pills to regulate the inner-works. Amassed the silence shouting loud as foghorns in the mist. No match for haunting confusion not so easily dismissed. No corner for refuge, no shelter from the rain. No retreat with surrender when it's all in your brain. A clinging storm door in most heralding of wind, an ending so abrupt guaranteed only to begin. Over and over in cyclical motion, hanging ten on the edge of swallowing emotion. And everyone around with outstretched hand, trying patience all frayed like a worn rubber band. Mommy & daddy's sweet little daughter, the lone wolf whose role is the sheep that she slaughters. Fight on, fight on, a general's wage, inside is the key to open the cage!

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