Taunting the Abyss

Star showers when we meet, astrophile.
Here I am, dressed in innocence so much relevance.
The ritual preference, is adoring your essence.
What stupefying beauty is this, the seraphic truths, Genesis?
And what of longing, things we do not know, the golden fruit?
Ask me of love, it's raining above.
Doused in spring showers, heavenly pink water's power.
Rose bushes bloomed angel faces we put them in onyx vases.
Taunting the abyss, we were created for this.
Mightily soak in the rainfall holy water bliss.
Syzygy, visit my stunning alfresco playdium,
endowed with zeal and moon radiance a crystaline stadium.
Garden grower, wine pourer I'm longing more and more over.
In sacrificial rites, your smile enthralls, delights.
Cynosure, my cloud framer ignite this night.
I am a temple, I tell no lies, know this, realize.
Enlighten your eyes, a spiritual affinity.
Come out, pray with me the stars are shining brilliantly.
This aurous savant, your right gifting hand I want.
An encore trance, this theological observance.
Sing of the just desserts, first fruits and Petrichor cakes.
Across the communal lake, do you even know what's at stake?
Is it love, is it fate this cultish rush, royal and sedate.
Turn to me, caress, see me blush, lover's bait.
Flickering fire hot as to scold and now behold.
Our tale long untold, unfold.

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