Te Amo

You look at me again with those forest colored eyes as I smile innocently.
Trying to suppress my feelings that beat inside this heart you're slowly unlocking.
And with each passing day you make my love grow deeper than I've ever known before.
All you did was tell how you loved me in Spanish as we were joking around as usual.
Now you've got me giggling like a schoolgirl madly in love with their first crush.
As I try my best to keep pretending to be only a friend when really I want something more.

Every day is a brand new whirlwind adventure with you that you've brought me back to life.
Never did I wanted to go out into the world until I met you and flipped my universe around.
Was so used to being alone in the dark, but now you've brought the sun back to my cloudy sky.
Chased away the rain to replace with rainbows and warmth like the same feeling from your love.
Please tell me that our hearts will collide in the distant future 'cause I want you to be mine.

You make me sing happy songs and you make me look at the world in a different light.
No longer am I seeing everything black and white since you brought color back around.
Been a long time since I knew what it meant to allow someone new into my world so easily.
But you broke the gates down and forced yourself a place in my heart without permission.
And I've let you stay around long enough to see my demons yet you never turn to run.
Since instead you kept embracing me in your arms each time we had to say our goodnights.

Every day is a brand new experience with you that my soul longs to be connected to yours.
Never have I had a bond this strong with any male before even when I was deeply in love.
So I hope that one day we could be together as one within this life as we continue to strive.
Write a happy ending to this story we started years ago on that day you sang in a funny voice.

You look at me with those forest colored eyes and I find myself getting lost in your world.
One that I've come to know over the years that makes this heart beat to the sound of your name.
I hope I continue to stand by your side until time runs out from this world.
Porque incluso hasta el día de hoy, todavía te amo como si mi corazón nunca se rompiera...

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This Poems Story

This poem actually went through a rewrite since I wasn't really happy with the original version. In the original version, I focused on my crush on a coworker, but it just wasn't really sounding right. The only line that remained from the original was the first line. In this version of the poem, I wrote about my best friend who I'm madly in love with and I was satisfied with how it came out even if it's out of my norm to write happy.