Tea Time

Something unsettling boils inside;
a kettle whistling and bubbling over.
Steam and anger do reside
in this tin tea-holder.

The aroma is sour with hints of spice;
the table has been set.
Care for a cup? It'll be nice.
It's as hot as it can get.

Two hundred and twelve degrees!
Watch your tongue!
Honey is for bees!
Darling our night is young!

Do not wait for the heat to disappear,
though I've heard served cold is best.
I'm so glad I brought you here,
your pallet will thank me for this taste test.

Sit back in your chair, drink every last drop,
I promise it'll taste peachy and pear.
Chug and chug, do not stop,
I've been waiting, but, don't share.

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