Teach me to love (EXTENDED)

You taught me the words of love but i failed the test.
For trusting you, i regret.
The only thing you taught me is how to die without dying.
How to endure so much pain and still keep trying.
The test consisted of constant battles trying to contain the tears that will soon drown me.
Locking me in the room leaving me lonely.
Love is easy to hide but the pain inside still resides.
I need rest. I feel my heart being crushed inside my chest.
I can no longer understand what i was meant to learn and now all i wanna see; is you burn.
How long will you continue these mind games and tricks.
Until one of us dies and the other survives, wondering why we spent so much time on something bound to fail.
Its like when a dog starts chasing their tail.
They thought it would be different; i did too.
Now we lay here wondering whats left for us to do.

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