Teachers are the keys
That unlock the student's mind.
They are a guide who moulds our mind.
They are one of a kind.

They are like a shepherd
Who guides the sheep
To the right path.

They proudly stand in front of the class
With knowledge and influence en masse,
Igniting a flame in curious minds
Proficiently as the lessons unwind.

Teaching, a calling that burns deep inside
To instruct thirsty, inquisitive minds.
Installing passion that leads to success.
Inspiring pupils to give of their best.

Encouraging scholars' creative gifts,
Praising, applauding whatever it is.
Those who are taught well live well, get ahead.
Blessed the teachers are, it has to be said.

It doesn't go unnoticed, the work involved
Developing great people to evolve.
The humble, nurturing teacher sitting there,
Thank you teachers for your compassionate care.

Thank you, teachers,
For all you have done.
In the group of many
You are the one.

Those who go on to find their hopes and dreams,
Remember the teachers who cast the beams.

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