Teaching her to save herself

"Please carry me, my feet are worn" she cried,
But he left her to walk on her own.
"Please lie for me, I had no other choice" she cried,
But he left her to explain.
"Please fight my battles, I have not strength like you" she cried
But he left her to fight on her own.

"How cruel of him", "he should've done better" people said as they used to watch them dance.

Yet what no one knew was that he taught her to be independent. He didn't treat her as a common wife,
and in the end from above, he watched her live her life.

- he knew he couldn't keep her safe forever.

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Key Words : Love, relationship, death, independence, uplift, women, male figures, stereotypes, house wife, live

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This Poems Story

It is about the idea of a male figure being the one that is relied on to protect their partner in a relationship. In this poem this stereotype is challenged and the male figure teaches their partner to keep themself safe, for if in the future he is no longer there to do so. This poem is uplifting and goes against the idea of women being dependent.