Tearing down the Wall

Tearing Down the Wall

As we walk through life, we often find something,
That brings us some pleasure, so to it we'll cling.
Addiction occurs if we like it too much,
Clutch for too long, and it will become a crutch.
The joy it once brought, is no longer there,
Before you know it, you're caught in it's lair.
From moderation, to absolute excess,
You'll struggle hard to climb out of the mess.
I knew a Spiritual life they would impede,
So I prayed for Angels to help me succeed.
Letting go of my addictions, one by one,
From numerous to a few, soon to be none.
I wasn't naive, thinking I wouldn't fall,
Taking down the bricks, in this very tall wall.
Through God's Grace all that remains is some rubble,
But it's still enough to cause me to stumble.
Because of God's unconditional Love,
One final Angel was sent from above.
To guide and light my way on this one last mile.
Now I can clean my path with a heart-felt smile.
I thank God for every Angel sent to me,
Inspiring the Virtues to set myself Free.

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