The warmness of the water, drips all down my face,
I bring my hand up to it, and wipe it all away,
The water flows down further, all the way past my chin,
It drips into my open mouth, the saltiness within,
I try to compose myself, Its silliness to cry,
Then my eyes fill up again I swear I really did try,
I tried my best to stop them, to make them feel OK,
But in the end, it's fine,
Because I'm slipping farther away.
I'm drowning in the ocean, going up for air,
But then a wave crashes over me, I'm crying in despair,
But then I see a sailor, in a boat up overhead,
I swim up towards them, it turns out it's my friend,
I ask to come on board, but then they just laugh,
"You're faking it, honestly, It's really not that bad."
Then the wave crashes over, I'm deeper than before,
I can't find any light, my heart is feeling sore,
"Please!" I tell to no one, "Please!" I beg, "No more!"

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Poem about how it feels when your friends are not taking care of you, but you are taking care of them.