Tears From the Petals of a Rose

Some may consider the rose
To be a cheerful flower,
Not noticing the transparent liquid
Dripping from the blood-red petals
And landing on the protective thorns.

Dazzling many with its grace
And beauty to make angels weep
And the sweet aroma
That is pleasing to all nearby,
Bringing about the thankfulness for life.

Softening hearts long turned to stone,
Giving the hope for love
And a peace in the midst of war,
Assuring that the best
Is still yet to come.

With the gentleness
Like a lover's sweet caress,
This sweet flower
Is of a melancholy sort,
Weeping when we least expect it.

Revealing its sorrow
In the early morning
With its petals moist
From the dew
That it often tries to hide.
(Completed 2014)

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