Tears I Never Had To Cry

I wake up in the morning hoping this will be a better day,
I go out to seize it, this time things will go my way,
And when it all starts to fall apart I hang my head and sigh,
So many tears I never had to cry.
I look for fun and entertainment, a way to ease my mind,
TV, books, and radio, still I'm just not satisfied,
I try to find fulfillment in the next thing that I can buy,
So many tears I never had to cry.
I work hard every day just trying to make a dollar,
feeling like a dog, the economy's got me by the collar,
And when the ends don't meet I wonder how I'll ever get by,
So many tears I never had to cry.
I hold my dear ones close, try to keep them by my side,
I turn to them for love and strive to fill them all with pride,
But when it's time to let them go it's so hard to say good-bye,
So many tears I never had to cry.
Life can be so scary, I run but I can't hide,
from the fears that haunt me, always there deep inside,
And when it gets too tough I wonder why I even try,
So many tears I never had to cry.
Happiness seems elusive, I ignore the gains and grieve the loss,
But in searching for the answers I forgot the man upon the cross,
All the mistakes and struggles, all the sins and all the lies,
He was willing to take them on for me, for this he chose to die,
And with his pierced hands, before the blood had even dried,
He saved my soul and wiped away the tears I never had to cry.

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