Tears Of A King

I finally cried yesterday trying to cover up the other day..
I guess I am trying to say how can this storm fade away...
Without the tears am absent like a really bad habit.
looking in the mirror I don't see me..
Carrying this guilt of disappointment on me..
These are true tears of a King.

The pain is my lasting effect,
The weakness to give up is my main option
The void I fill with sorrow
The cup I fill courage becomes hard to defend at times
Thoughts seemed dark,although habits died hard
I still was faced with one problem DECEPTION!

The guilt of non acceptance makes the cover
I rap in it like a blanket
Trying to catch my breath,
I hold on to the pain that's thrown at me
Too afraid to throw it back
I lay on it like a pillow so it comforts me
These are the tears of a King

Torn down and heart broken,love to hate from nothing
Cautious of my own word choices
I tense up to the ideal of happiness
I rather they put me in a casket
Dark clouds fill my days
The storm come with pouring rain
Thing aren't as they seem
These are Tears Of A King!

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