Tears Of A Maniac

Invisible tears,
I cried for the pain of seeing you hurt,
I raged against pain to find in love all is pain,
You didn't deserve to be hurt,
You didn't deserve to be my pin cushion,
Each point to grasps your eyes made them rain,
I inflicted the hurt to make you feel how I felt,
Not about you but about life,
I hated me,
You loved me,
Now you hate me and I love you,
Three words to summarize eternity,
My mind says its right to feel wrong,
Wrong to not feel right about being myself,
Knowing you could never understand but still I try to explain,
My words had no effect; my actions spoke to you,
My actions had to be what they were so you could see,
My tears burn my eyelids as I dreamed of peace,
War is the battle for emotions,
Emotions are the weapons we become,
I cry that I still hurt and now you do as well,
I see your tears fall to the ground,
On bended knee I reach to grasp them,
To return the pain you have selfishly given me,
I know I've hurt you but I hurt too.

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