Tears of Agony [May 23, 2016]

He stands upon the bloody field
As crimson drips from his steel
The world is shadowed, dark and sealed
Inside a nightmare of death and fear

As he walks down the path of misery
His eyes bleed with tears of agony
One by one, his brothers fall
He watches them die, for a broken cause

A tint of red gleams off brightened steel
Even in the darkness, it looks unreal
He picks up another sword and stands tall
Putting fate to the test, he charges the wall

He charges alone, destiny his challenge
Nobody to save him, all is hanging in the balance
Should he fall, there will be no one left
To stand against tyrants who bring naught but death

Men fall before him in shattered pieces
They start to fear the man who calls out freedom
They shiver and shake, they start to tremble
Until all the men, lay down their weapons

On their knees they bow before him
But he keeps on walking without sin
Seperating his life from his skin
Now his true freedom can begin

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