Tears of an Angel

You rarely see it happen
But when it does a part of you breaks
The darkness rises
The light seems to disappear without notice
You start to hear a distant whimper
It grows louder and louder
You get sadder and sadder
And you start to wonder why
It's the tears of an angel
We've all felt it
Whether we understood or not
It's the cries of the innocent
When an infant dies
You can hear an angel cry
In the distance
If you look close enough you'll see
The tears of an angel

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This Poems Story

From the moment I was born, I was in foster care. I do not recommend nor wish that on anyone. I got adopted in 1999 only to lose my adopted parents in 2003 and 2004. I slipped into a deep depression filled with panic attacks and tears. Poetry got me through it. I hope someday to be as good as Maya Angelou, but for now I'll be Lovey.