Tears on my Pillowcase

I can’t count the number of times I have shed tears on my pillowcase
The wet droplet stains are a constant reminder of my desires
As I lay back, and close my eyes the emotions come out
Emotions of yearning, frustration, and confusion engulf me
I cry out “God talk to me please”
I yearn to be able to spot his voice any time any day
So I pray
Moments like these are when I realize
That in hindsight I am just a baby in his eyes, his daughter
With his strength
I become a woman in Christ who is called to do great things in life
But at the same time, I am nothing
I am nothing without my creator, the one who made me in his image
My life is at the palm of his hands every single second
The true reasoning of these tears is
Knowing you’re destined for greatness and success but
Not knowing the journey in store for you from A to Z
Almost like walking down the yellow brick road blindfolded
Tears are not shed because of weakness
As each tear is shed, it represents
Courage, hardships, purpose, vision, freedom, wealth and the journey
As I remember all that I still have to do
I wipe the tears from my eyes and muster my battle face

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