Tears Sea Deep

I've only cried tears sea deep
Deeper than the ocean, filled with memories willing to keep
The pain you feel can bring so much sorrow
But keeps hopes up for a better tomorrow
Love is a word to be felt building up to a certain fate
Not to be later replaced with a word known as hate
And sometimes in life you can't understand why you get so misused
Surely not to gain but lose the most important thing in the world
And sometimes you sit and wonder why it wasn't me
To conclude that being used was the only thing you were ever good for
When you wished you were everything they've truly hoped for
I've seem to cry tears so deep
It drowns my soul with faded memories
What is the real tragedy?
The death of a soul?
Pain of a heart painted with silver and gold?
But this isn't how it really ends
Moral of the story is she lost not only love but her best friend

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