Tears Unshed

The tears unshed held deep inside,
nothing can bring them out, not even the dead.
These tears are not for sharing, for it will never stop;
all the hurt, sorrow, pain, and loneliness are what made them.
This is years of unshed tears.
Only time they ever were shed are in the inside,
where the world can't see them.
Only the person shedding them can, making them cry more.
No one will ever know about those tears;
even as they are shed on the inside,
they are still unshed on the outside.
These tears are meant to be unseen,
by all but one.
Even then, they will not share them-for it is their own unshed tears.
Those tears may hurt
and come close to being shed;
instead they are swallowed back down to be shed in the inside.
While on the outside,
not a trace is shown,
as they hold their head up high,
with a smile on their face.
Showing no matter how much you hurt them,
they are never going to shed a tear-
they are not even going to look back.
Instead, they are going to walk away,
and keep on walking..

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