By Alexis   

Don't cry they say...
It'll be okay...
Before they assume the worst,
Do they know what my tears are trying to say?
Before you jump on the first thing smoking,
Know that..
Tears can speak without a word being spoken.
Tears could mean your happy, surprised or mad
Disappointed, proud, touched, scared or sad.
These tears could mean that I'm happy-go-lucky
Because life is raining down joy from heaven for me.
These tears could mean that I'm disappointed
Because I didn't get something or someone that I really wanted...
These tears could mean I'm surprised...
Something must have jumped out and startled me that it made treats form in my eyes.
Or I could be so mad that,
I'm mad at myself for allowing you to make me this upset
So with angry tears, I could spam out with no regrets.
Let's not bring those angry tears.
They are the worst ones yet.
Just know, if you have pulled one of those heart strings that made my eyes tell their story
Then that means you mean so much to me.
I don't let anyone in to treat my heart any kind of way
That means I love you in every possible way
To feel feelings like love, disappointment and pride
And to listen to the stories coming out my eyes.
I love you..
Please don't ever leave my life..

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