“Techniques to cope”

I read a few pages
of techniques to cope
stretching and breathing
are to give me some hope
I'm alone in this fight
so I prepare for the worse
and pray it don't come
but feel this life is a curse
the fear of tomorrow
grows stronger each day
but deep down I know
I must make it some way
if for nothing at all
she is all that I need
a chance for a future
a way to succeed
give me one road
to travel I beg
and quite these voices
screaming in my head
so I hide in the darkness
as these tears sting my eyes
I hide to my thoughts
to hold on to my prize
these thoughts are my peace
these fantasies my air
give me the strength
I need to prepare
Oh, dear God I'm falling
I'm unable to stand
how can I be a father
when I can't even be a man
my heart is right
my desire is clear
my moment has come
my time is finally here
desert me not
I need you more than you know
the moment is now
your face you must show
I need to feel you
stand by my side
letting me know
I no longer have to hide
no longer can I live
in this place I call life
I have given enough
I've paid more than my price
do you hear me my lord
do these words make a sound
or is it ink on a page
never to be found
doomed to these fears
so inside I find hope
and read a few more pages
of techniques to cope

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