Simple Jack, bring simple back,
We’ve lost sight of what is pure,
Processed - not produce,
Frosties - not fruit juice,
TV - the babysitter cure.

Tell the kids to play outside,
A towel cape, a fun disguise!
Tree forts, trikes, and Tonka trucks,
Not Playstations, you boring fucks!

Technology, our friend and foe,
Windows Vista 10.0!
Our cars now tell us where to go,
No wagons/steers, gas steady flows.

Machines progress, so why can’t we?
Our motive for our habits? Greed!
Invention, patent, profit, spend!
A fortune gone, let’s start again.

Slow down, unwind, relax a bit,
Give time to let life be,
Stop adding, changing, mechanizing,
Give life a chance to breathe.

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