Teen Life 2023

Summer is here and school’s out of session
No more teachers and books and lessons
I don’t have to look at real live people
Except on Sunday under the steeple
There is no need to go out and play
My friends are online so inside I stay
I have an X-box and a PlayStation Three
Tons of war games to entertain me
Call of Duty and Modern Warfare fights
Face the enemy through virtual sights
My Facebook account has hundreds of friends
So I know my popularity never ends
I don’t know all their true names or faces
But I share their memes and support their cases
They sympathize with my status and like my pics
Together we survive virtuality and take our licks
Mom and Dad say there’s too much internet strife
They wonder if I have any friends in real life
They’d like me to meet a real live girl
Maybe take her to a movie or out for a whirl
Not sure why I need to go out to meet them
I have all the girls I desire on my every whim
They try to limit access to adult sites and porn
But I know short cuts would make them forlorn
I was going to meet my friend Lucy till she outed as a man
A sex offending pedophile who from police just ran
Lucy had all my secrets and a real nice shot
Of me posing in my undies lying on a cot
Now I’m banned from Facebook and my social clique
Parents just don’t understand the electronic shtick
Out the door I go to face what they call reality
What I see as physical pain and plain banality
OMG, the sun is there and I may actually sweat
I should walk a mile to Ed’s? I’ll die I bet
Still I have my cell phone with wifi access
I can chase Pokemon to relieve my stress

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