Teenage Angst Isn’t Fun.

my heart races when i see you
i always end up looking away.
i’m sorry we left on a bad note
why am i always crawling back to you?
there’s something about you...
that makes my heart just flutter
something about you...i’m so fucking confused
i want to come back to you....so badly
when i was with you, i was so happy.
you knew me before all the drama.
you knew the pure me
you knew the happy me
you made me, me.
i hate you. i love you. i cant look at you.
is this how all teenagers feel?
why do i want you so badly?
is this love?
why do you made me so goddamn happy, the memories we had together, but i care even talk to you, no less look you in the eye.
you watch my story.
we’re “friends” on snapchat.
why aren’t we...friends?
oh yeah...
it’s because i’m in love with someone i cant have, you.
this is a bad idea...
i want to send you this...
but i don’t want to seem like the
creepy ex that keeps crawling back.

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