Teenage Apocalypse

He looked at me and I to him
I did not know that this would soon turn grim.
Another hour turns to another day,
Yet we continued to sneak around anyway.
Being with him gave me a rush of adrenaline,
needless to say, we committed a few sins.
The loneliness of a teenage girl,
aids in her giving him a whirl.
Allowing him into her house and home,
only because she didn't want to be alone.
He was her first cry for help,
but when her mother heard, it sounded like a yell.
Friends were leaving and grades were sinking,
so she just stopped thinking.
Grounded and lonelier than ever,
she began to change herself for the better.
The tests came back negative,
and the overjoyed girl became less tentative.
The bad boy comes in and stops the progress,
he adds even more to her ongoing stress.
He pushes her out but she never turns back,
she just pushes forward until she finds her knack.
Now it is Summer and she has found him,
He is the one that takes her far away from being dim.
Her light and their electricity can never be put out.
She has overcome teenage life without a doubt.

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