Teenage Girls

They say teenage girls are the hardest to deal with,
We like make-up,
We like boys,
We like to blast our music,
We like to make noise,
We stick together as a herd,
That's probably why they get so annoyed,
We just want our little voices to be heard,
I'm tired of feeling inaudible,
To Parents, to Teachers, and to any other adult,
God tells us to accept everyone,
When he said that, I think it included teenage girls,
Even though sometimes you think we're in our own world,
You say we don't care,
You say we're hardheaded,
You say " we think we know it all"
How do you know all this about us,
When you never give us a chance to talk,
You may call me crazy,
Call me a nerd,
But teenage girls should be free like birds.
We were born into a beautiful world,
Not into a prison,
All we really want is you to listen.

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