A teenager so broken and abused,
Fell in love with everything to lose.
Left heartbroken and feeling low,
No emotions this kid will show.
The life of a teen can feel like hell,
Faking a smile, no one can tell.
With an act far practiced it seemed so believable,
Happiness seemed to be non-retrievable.
Feeling depressed and just not good enough,
Thinking everyone hates them, feeling no love.
This kid feeling at the end of their rope,
Tired of living day by day having to cope.
Days turned to nights, nights turned to pain,
Drugs became their best friend to take the pain away.
The pain can lie dormant, but awake at anytime,
And the hardest part was acting like everything’s fine.
The thought of death has a hint of relief,
On the edge of insanity, they began to find peace.
Knowing that life will get worse the longer they wait,
With a final goodbye, today was their last day.

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