I know when the stars align you can
I know the rain will wash away; I believe it
I’m broken and seeing the trees I can’t
All I see is a deep, dark fucking mess of a scary forest
Am I missing something?
Maybe I missed the telegram
Some fall through the cracks, could I be a part of the some?
No, I just wish I were because I desperately want to fucking scram
Did you say responsibilities?
Oh, Hell no, not me, I can’t handle any the right way
Pass it on to someone else; I’m capable of creating nothing but all liabilities
Who knows when absenteeism will kick in, and I’ll stray far the fuck away
“Bebeep. Bebeep…” a telegram is incoming
Will you respond?
It only wants to make the most of your natural inclinations
“Bebeep. Bebeep…” hey, fuck you, no, I never do what I’m told
“Bebeep. Bebeep…” the last response coming in is you’ll never get to see the forest for the trees
Whatever, didn’t you hear that place is too dark and dangerous anyway?
I’m too bitter to go into a scary forest even if I’ve known the beauty there to drop you down on your knees
Who would even fucking dare to go through nature’s darkest avenues?
Hello, are you still there, I’m talking to you!
The Universe doesn’t respond to angry people
You have to find the beauty within yourself
Where the fuck did your light go, did it die?
No, it didn’t, I just never let it shine
I never lived life mindfully enough to get my wings
I always embrace the negative before I even look at the positive
I don’t see myself as capable and it’s fucking starting to weigh
I hope one day when the stars align I can believe in the beauty
But my last hope just hung up on me in this telegram
Fuck me, now I’ll never get to witness the forest for the trees

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