Tell me


Tell me, how did you fall?
From the radiant hands
Of our elders,
That held us so tightly.
Tell me, Why did you jump?
You wanted to fly
But no one listened,
And you had no wings.
Tell me, Why did you leave so soon?
The blood that boils is mine,
Because you left me here
With no answer, only frozen questions.
Tell me, how I could've helped?
I tried... I tried, yet
You were always out of reach,
Claiming I wouldn't understand.
So tell me, What to do.
Sitting alone watching
The dirt spillover,
Watching, the dirt fall
Tell me, Why you? Why me? Why now?
So maybe I find peace in this dark cloudy future,
But never someone,
I'd love or care for as much
as you.

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