Tell Me About Her

Well she has two pink pillows for lips
Eyes that shoot light straight to my chest
Orion’s belt lives on her stomach
When I kiss each star I feel their fire
I meet them with mine

She came from the mud to meet me in the clouds
She gasps at unexpected colors
And dances with her shoulders
The most aggressive thing about her is the way she types
A furious melody, electric rhythm

The way she leans into my hand when I stroke her cheek,
Meets it with a kiss
Fills my every cell
She leaves me post-it poems
She shows up, always

She says “take a run” as if it were her daily medicine
With her I learn what it is to live in the sun
Each night before bed she preaches the delicious importance
Of dark chocolate and salt

She thinks with her whole body
When she feels me think with mine
She can’t hold back her curiosity
Her favorite word is what
And each time she asks it, it feels new

When the water from the shower hits her eyes
She winces like she’s been punched
Unaware she’s doing so, she stays planted where she is
So as not to ruin any moment I may be having
How lovingly she looks at me through squinted eyes

She gives and gives, she loves and loves
Patience lives in her words and movements
She waits kindly for me, arms open and chest ready
Asking me to fall on it

She is my greatest joy
The owner of my heart, sometimes of my very breath

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