Tell Me, Darling.

What is it like, Love?

What is it like attaining perfection?
What’s it like to have my heart in a collection?

You know you’re the love that I proclaim.
Every word of love I speak is in your name.

So tell me Darling how does it feel,
knowing the truth of what I conceal?

I spoke those words, I killed the coward.
So tell me Darling do you feel empowered?

Do you find pleasure in the words I write?
Knowing that you are my hearts delight?

How does it feel, Darling,

knowing your breaths keep my heart beating,
To see me and millions always competing?

Is there even a prize for finishing first place?
Or am I just entertainment meant to die in the race?

Forgive my questions but I simply must know,
Am I just your puppet…a part of the show?

So tell me love, put my mind at ease.
Tell me Darling, tell me please.

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