Tell Me How You Really Feel

You say you like to keep it real
you don't want any fake friends
You say truth comes first, it always will
and lies make relationships end

I tell you that you're the first woman I've met
who believes in speaking straight honesty
Yet familiarity tends to make us forget
what it was that made us bond instantly

You love the way I talk to you,
and I love the way you talk to me
So moving forward, let's make a pact
on this one issue we must both agree
No matter how things are going, good or bad
let's always honor our agreed upon deal
Whenever we make each other happy or sad
we'll always tell one another how we really feel

I must say you have the sharpest wit
that cuts deep with a razor tongue
Your knockout sense of humor
numbs me with laughter, like I had my bell rung

You have the sweetest way of giving bad news
delivered with a delicate kiss
You have the most winning smile when you lose
your embraces are pure bliss

It lets me know how much you care about me
it reassures me you're the same person still
Whom I fell in love with from day one
I'm just telling you how I really feel

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