Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Let me suppress the earliest memories
A happy child and the many morning laughs
The accustomed routine of all the past
The youth of your days
Simplicity at its best
Delete and erase
Cut and crop
Copy and paste
Rather to drown in words of lies than the pain of truth
But she's lonely and aches, yet she'll smile in your face
For you don't know of those who fight
The constant regret of living life
Seven years old, one simple comment made
Caused a girl so young hate herself in every way
Forward to the present and nothing's changed
Skipping meals, water for days
Don't forget your pills if you plan to survive another day
Perfection at last: not an inch of fat; size three in jeans
Now you're beautiful at last.
Extra small shirts, thighs that don't touch,
Sticks as arms, a body that hurts
But the reflection in a glass only shows the reality which you lack
The mortality of a girl who never questioned the beauty she had
Staring back in that deceitful mirror is your future corpse
After all, beauty can hurt

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