Tell Me My Darling Why You Weep

Tell me my darling why you weep. Have I
Used you roughly with this anger of mine?
I see by your back turned to me as we lie
That I have injured, been more than unkind.
Intertwined we should lie, faces touching,
The incomplete parts of a perfect pair.
But alone I mark the whip of your sobbing,
My face turned up to the faceless black air.
To blink my eyes and blank out the moment,
To sweep my hand and turn back the dread hour
Are wizards' tricks to make me absolvent.
But I am a man and must find another.
Must turn my bile to a gentle sentiment
To turn your heart, return your face to me.
Must open my fist to a palm of surrender.
Surrender to you, surrender to me.
But bile in me is a caustic bursting
Life's wounds life's pricks scratch open anew.
And 'midst this storm a lantern flickers, bobbing,
Fragile, stubborn. This is my love for you.
The clock will jolt us back to labor's drudge,
We dress as dull pris'ners, no words allowed.
And with a kiss as dry as a buri'l goodbye,
I wander the day nagged by the question "How?"

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