Tell Me Why

Tell me why when I look at the sky,
It seems to appear a different hue.
It’s not the same bright and happy blue.
Tell me why when I look at the trees,
They don’t dance near as free.
They don’t look near as green.
The life has gone,
They’re not as strong,
And there’s a bitter touch to the breeze.
Tell me why when I look to the fields,
The animals yield in fear.
What happened to the vibe?
Where went the life?
Where went all the cheer?
Tell me why when I look into the mirror,
I see a stranger gazing back,
Lost in time,
Such a fragile mind,
And a tough demeanor on the outside.
But I doesn’t know why,
When winter comes around,
The stars in the sky seem to form a frown,
And it’s all downhill from there.
I will never understand,
Why take my hand,
When I am my weakest believer.

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