Tell Me Why

Dear God,
It has been awhile since we last spoke.
I was always told that I'm one of your children,
But lately it feels like you haven't been listening.
I know it's said that you love us all,
But if that's true then why do I feel so alone?
'Cause I just have to ask, why am I here?
And why don't you help us?
And why do people say you've left us?
I sit and I pray every day and I wonder,
And it hurts 'cause at church the people say:
"They know that you're there and you care."
So God, is there hope?
And please oh please God tell me why:
Why do we cry?
Why do we hurt?
And why oh why God do I want to die?
'Cause God it's said you made us all in your image,
And if it's true then that means you've felt this too.
And please God tell me how you could leave me alone?
I hurt God and if you truly understand then why don't you help?
All I need is some guidance so I don't turn to violence.
So please God send a sign that I'm not out of my mind,
And that you're there and you care.
So please God just tell me why.

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