every thought i had was a trip
do you like to trip?
this is a trip
so, le us trip:
there´s a chance you might find yourself struggling with your fears
not doing the things you wanna do, maybe not knowing what you wanna do
do you feel the urge to find yourself?
do you feel incomplete?
can you make the distinction?
between the moments desire and the hearts longing
do you know you have it in you?
the power to shape your life so it satisfies you
do you know how to enjoy a moment? a simple one?
have you ever found inner silence?

please come and dance again
freedom is found everywhere my friend
your limitations are mostly so cause you believe them
please, loose that tight grip
and treat your mind like your notty friend
let it express itself but dont let it control your will

if you found safety or shelter let me warn you
you found it outside so you´ll probably hide
your deepest fears in a sofa trance of being loved
not knowing their alive bubbling unconsciously inside
waiting for the chance to steer your life

but fear yourself not
the deepest love is also inside
and also doesn´t wanna hide
so just take the time
to be with yourself
to listen to your silence
and to understand what you think and feel

and me
i reject the mud that was once my bed my home
i cry myself a river across my hometown
i live it floating on top of dreams and memories
i seek refugee among the stars
i lick my own scars
in public proclamation of transparency
destroying barriers of nakedness
unborn to my dream of myself
i pray for fullness

once arrived to the land
the air was soft again
i felt heavy on my head
the child was alive to feel good
everything in my perception breeded satisfaction into me
in scene the action was still violence, manipulation, suffering
we had work to do
but glazed high at painted skies
and temples of unforced silence

elves and other creatures waited wake for us
in the forests of our unconscious
the music had started
we were late
the elves jumped around, danced
without any intention of it being a dance
how could i forget the trance?
oh my friends i want to feel like you again

so let us leave our ashes behind for the worms to heat
let us rebuild ourselves from pure skies and the sun
let us climb untamed mountains of solitude
let us discover the peaceful ecstasy of trees
let us dance like wild hallucinating faeries
we the unborn, the dark sheep of our families
let us build a calm and solid self so we can enter the blissful paradises of altered states of consciousness
god, let us be gods and we shall restore the spirits place on earth
god, let us be gods and shall bring paradise to our fellow men
let us enchant ourselves to the point we can enchant others
and invite them to dance to our song
a song of freedom, respect and love...

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