By Tia   

In pitch darkness, is where extreme loneliness lives
Where hurt is more than the mixed emotions it gives
Aching pain that lingers in moments of isolation
Only to rethink if self-harm is the ultimate violation
Remaining unaware of the solo wars that transpires
Plans are mapped out but are mistaken as it backfires
Actions speak volumes, when words cannot explain
As infliction becomes a mechanism to cope with the pain
This level of need for love is heartbreak at its peck
Just as thoughts of ending it all becomes too steep
But one day someone spoke words of
As care and attention became part of a new system
Introduced a new mindset to save a valuable kind
Because once followed through, there is no rewind
Overtime the wounds hurt as they become healed
Life begin to replenish in the space that was concealed
The bruised colors fade as band-aids dry the bleeding
As attentive ears provided reasons to keep breathing
Turning tears alone into tears together won’t fall apart
While listening and understanding with a forgiving heart

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