Temps Deuxième Partie

By Dan Bickert

Stroke onward watchful Time
As your hands keep turning
Second by second, instant by instant
Your seconds being more than the sands of time
One knows that you cannot turn back or change your trajectory
Fleeting time, you are a thief of youth, time and time again
Both wonderful and dreadful you have entombed
You indulge yourself on what you, Time, engluts
Which is no more than what is perishable
Time, what of those that you have put into oblivion
You have put so many to waste, even those who did not waste you, Time
While some with their time have wasted it during their juncture on this earth
Sin poder ellos reclamar nada
Time, what do you give us as recompense?
What a loss it is. And what is your gain?
Time awaits us in the future, but time is not all, even an end awaits you, Time
And, it will be seen, if you start again, and repeat yourself or not
You run on and on, until one day you will come to an end, maybe not forever, however
Then, even you, will run through your feasibly endless course
Until last of all your greed by yourself will be consumed
At that hour you shall not be able to call
On the chronometer's passing tick-tock for consolation
Whose speed is a headlong plunging pace
Your origin must have been the time the universe started, but who is to know?
What is our beginning, our origin, and yours? And to what end?
But, we know what our end is, death
Is yours to restart after your so-called end? Will you stop?
Or, run on, repeating upon yourself ad infinitum? Do you even know or care?
Time, are you conscious of or blind to life’s coupling with you and our synchronist to you?
And, that you will abandon us one day with your absence in our death
Time, one knows that you can never turn your back on your nature
You show your true face, as forward you race
And with the chain of seconds that ties us to our watching of you, you pass
In this orb that is no more than what is our perceptible and physical terrene
Within a cosmos, and it being merely a mortal birth for us
But, time is not all, the object of living some say is for the soul to be set free one day
To go on to better things or, to return to earth
Your, for all one knows, eternal course, perhaps, is too long a time for us to grasp
But something that is often dwelled upon or pondered upon by human-kind
While we bide time without expecting to await you at the end of our time
You contain unfathomable possible outcomes of infinite destinies of our existence
Ambiguous paths of unknown outcomes of choices made with what we have of you
Our minds and our dreams shape with our will and desire what becomes of our time on this earth
Time and fate are mysteries and our lives lived with our time on this orb
Are the continuation of an ancestral legacy
Of the paths treaded by our forebearers and of a possible begetter and of doings
With their and our time on, or, with this planet
Mortality pertains to life, time is definite
But indefinite are places and things, which are always changing
And, there are unfathomable possible outcomes of our time
Through the choices we make with our time
And the results of the choices made with the time that our lives last
And, of our time on this earth
And of the results of our choices made with you, with our time
Memories and experiences are obtained from this time alive, our life lived
With one’s time on this earth one lives and learns
When, comes the time when one is out of time, at that time
At that hour, if it comes that one meets one’s time of rapture, perhaps
Long eternity shall greet that rapture, as some say
It to each of us, it will grasp, with an individual embrace
In any matter, without doubt, a final resting place each of us shall surely find
Then, 'twill be as if sea waters had receded
And life had dried out, and one had been cast high and dry
Far from you, time, and then, some hope, one shall reside in a place
Where everything is sincere and valorous
Where our heavenly guided essentia shall soar
And there, mayhap, one shall remain
And, some say, one shall be with the perfectly eternal
With unity, veracity, and love
And there these shall shine on, on and on, forever
Ever shining about the supreme throne of the Creator
One way, or another, proprietorship and all this earthly vanity
One day, for each of us, shall be jilted and shaken off
Thusly, it cannot last all that has passed and all that will pass, but not all is dashed
Hope is eternal, and for human-kind, for us, that is what lasts
And, that is what keeps human-kind moving forward as you time pass
And, we wait to find out what will come of us when our time has passed
So, to use one’s time well spent, put to good use, with the time we have, is of the upmost
Because, we all will all be out-of-time at the end of our time
So, why not live life as if it was all we had and every second our last
And that our time here is the object and purpose of our living
And with our time, it is time to live life to the fullest
For our time here on this earth will not last

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