Temptation leaves room for contemplation of any given situation.
Temptation,salivation, got me going in her walls like an excavation.
Temptation is no joke,can leave you breathless like you are going to choke.
Temptation will make you do things like take her in the subway station,
like a jackhammer plenty of penetration.
Temptation makes it hot to handle hard to dismantle hard to
get it out of your head,you think about it as you laying in bed.
Temptation filled with ups and downs smiles and frowns and sometimes leaves you with the feeling that your going to drown.
Temptation when she bends over and you know she's being naughty so you want to scold her but you laugh cause deep inside you don't want it to be over.
Temptation can be a bitter sweet feeling,get you caught up in your dealings get you high like the ceiling. it can be intoxicating,invigorating,have you going from saying no to negotiating and participating.
Temptation can contribute to suffocation lead to devastation,damnation of anyone or any nation in many given situations.
Temptation has many disguises so be wary,it can be a little scary.She comes night or day in many ways.
Temptation is knocking at your door,want to play?.

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