I was weak and didn’t think, I allowed lust to be the boss
I know what I was doing, even after the line was crossed
How could I be so hurtful and uncaring to the one I love
I didn’t need this 20 min of pleasure I already have love
I can’t take it back, do I dare to tell her what I’ve done
If I tell her the truth there’s a chance she will be done
I owe her the option rather to deal with it or not
The problem is even if I tell her can I stop
I know I love her but that’s not what is wrong
I am a weak me I have to lean on the lord to be strong
No woman wants a man who desires more than her
I need her in my life but I want her and another
I know in my heart it’s her that I need and love without pause
But it’s the other woman in my life that gives me the fire in my draws
So can desire and passion be as strong as peace and love
I ask that question to the Almighty above.
Love requires respect, honor, and honesty
Passion requires temptation, a place, and a warm body
Love is the Gift that God has given us to share
If you put a little work into it, passion will be there
So put the passion into the one you love
And don’t forget that love is a gift from above.

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