Temptations Mistress

Temptation has a mistress
she corrupts him with a soft whisper
entices his every moment with a hint of mistake
she blushes and his head swirls with disaster
she fakes an attraction
to blind him of his devastation
her tone a blazing fire set red
her figure a swirl of lust eyed perfection
her tight quenched jaws deploying her smile of lifelessness
hiding the essence of charm
lacking the thought to care
knowing temptation has a wife
name Karma
she still lurks
waiting to deprive her of the thrown of deception
Karma waits in the shadows plotting the kill
patiently waiting
not wanting to be revealed
the mistress was to stupid to see
that playing her little game to win deception
could never be effortless because Temptation and Karma
go hand and hand
therefore the effort to fight in win is pointless
you cant fool Karma she always wins
Temptation has Mistress her name is .....SELFISH

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