Ten Little Rats

Ten Little rats went to dine;
one ate too much, and then there were nine.
Nine little rats went to wait...
one got bored, and there were eight.
Eight little rats saw Heaven;
someone got too close, and then there was seven.
Seven little rats got bit by ticks,
you can guess what happened, and now there are six.
Six little rats found a beehive-
poor little one, now there are five.
Five little rats went to the core:
O, ouch! Now there are four.
Four little rats went to Hy-Vee.
Eep, ouch! Now there are three.
Three little rats went to the zoo;
O, yum! Now there are two.
Two little rats went outside in the sun.
Ssss, now there is one.
One little rat had a son,
and now there are none.

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