Ten Stanzas to Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal women keep me going
Phenomenal women saved my life, you have to understand
Phenomenal women tell me go-ahead
Phenomenal women saw life, and said take a stand

One of them is a reincarnation of Betty Page
Her sweet round checks smile and tell you everything is going to be okay
Let’s have fun you crazy thang is her only message
She’s a phenomenal woman as vibrant as a bunch of flowers in a bouquet

Phenomenal women take on the messiness
Phenomenal women loved my heart even through the decay
Phenomenal women think you’re beautiful even after the dressiness
Phenomenal women remain strongly feminine even in a room full of dicks

I am building myself to be a phenomenal woman with freeness
To have the habit to go for it even when doubt contradicts
To rise up that little girl saying boys are from Venus
To clear out the in-between, past-ridden conflicts

Phenomenal women play life with graceful violins
Phenomenal women heal the wounds slowly from whatever life afflicts
Phenomenal women step back to extinguish burning zeppelins
Phenomenal women leave behind no weary subjects

Phenomenal women break the silence like a revolting Charlie Chaplin would
Phenomenal women follow what’s inside no matter what the World rejects
Phenomenal women break the mold like Marlee Marlin did
Phenomenal women break the norms of being just objects

They did this just by being themselves, they never overdid
They talked their own talk, and spoke from their hearts
Out of their dreams and ambitions, there was nothing they forbid
To measure their happiness within, it was off the charts

Phenomenal women the little girls inside of all of us have already embodied
When someone tells us to run like a girl in our 20s, we run like morons
When someone tells us to run like a girl in our childhood, we run like we’ve never ran before
Don’t let go of her Spirit just because it’s the end of that little girl’s story

Remember who you are in the face of corruption and embrace her
Phenomenal women hold the pen to their own life and become natural storytellers
Phenomenal women accomplish it all, but do not hurry
Remember this poem when you fell other things trying to be your life’s authors

Embrace yourself and tell the little girl inside of you not to worry
A phenomenal woman will in time come out to save your life’s authorship
Just remember these stanzas when that ambitious strength inside your heart gets blurry
They’ll always be here for your feminine soul’s encouraging partnership

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