Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand people have come before me.
Ten Thousand souls have sunk into the grave
Giving Twenty Thousand spirits and souls to
The poor people this world has raised.

Ten Thousand men and women seeing whole and clear.
There is too many people who've held their duty with fear.
Ten Thousand across the nation, the world’s jubilee
I hope I am one that the world cannot unsee.

As far as history can date, they remain living still.
If you have a receiving heart, within you they will fill.
Horrid it would be to find that the Giving Spirits have fled
Because of your fowl aura and hidden deepest dread.

You know whether big or small it matters not
Their spirits live on and do not stop
At a vain, earthly tomb, or a spot in the ground,
But remain living till their spirit be found.

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