Aliens came down to earth one day
And beared 3 items as gifts to the new race
The first item was oil thick, black, and sticky
They told them it could be used as a source of fuel
They human took advantage of it and started building motor vehicles powered by oil
The second item was weapons
They told the humans that they could use the weapons to fight off any enemies
And to create a military
The third item was money
They said to the humans that it could be traded for goods and services
After the gifts were given the aliens warned the humans that they would be back in 100 years
And would come prepared for battle
The humans were foolish and said you gave us all the greatest advances in technology
What threats do you pose to us?
The aliens heeded this frivolous threat
And as the 100 years came to pass
The aliens returned to earth
But what they discovered was that they didn’t need to destroy earth or the humans
They had already destroyed themselves
They didn’t heed the precautions of oil and how it was bad for the environment
They abused the weapons and military on friends and allies creating mass war
And they started fighting over who owned what money going into a financial depression
All of these events caused the human race to collapse
This was the lesson that the aliens intended to teach the humans
The lesson of greed
The lesson of Lust
The lesson of Self control

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This Poems Story

It is about how humanity is so close to collapse and how they were given a chance to redeem themselves only using that to speed up the collapse of humanity