Once upon a time,
But not long ago,
Memories, fearsome,
Tap my mind’s door.

“Pearl of the Indian Ocean,”
Turned to a teardrop, fallen,
We didn’t see sunlight,
Daytime was like the night.

Lamps dimmed with fear,
Hearts trembled in fear,
Hearing some disappear,
Never to reappear.

Human bodies were on the flames,
Burning in the junctions,
Floating along the rivers,
Or thrown away into the wilds.

Queen of law was dethroned,
Ghosts of terror, roamed,
Mothers’ hearts exploded,
Seeing sons’ bodies, dismembered.

Today, it seems like a dream,
But, it never was a dream;
Silent tears are still shed,
Broken hearts are yet to be mended.

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This Poems Story

The terror period faced by teardrop-shaped island of Sri Lanka which is titled as 'the pearl of the Indian Ocean'.