Terror In Silence Deep

Do it as it does the demon doesn't won't drama it won't cooperation.
It comes again silence jumper off the bridge.
This able mate paly with sense twisted think gifted the sifted to wonder.
These are the things of the arranged follow of the order of the things to ponder.
That it would break the curse first no worse to the sin again.

I did bless it he may onto my face now this to argue of not express correct about lessons.
This dent is coming from the surge dark make not taken from gems.
It's to all who understand my satanic mantra my may of writing.
I am thinking that they could die another day or die reading this page fallen crazed they think.

They could live another way through a province I knew no care of any case split the hate
scrape with this sarcasm.
It's in to body bags disfigured parts of humans of humans to hurt whom
that slander my reputation with scandalous accusations.

The crap perhaps neglected a waste are them?
The poop is gone with time out of lines.
They are never running as long I have notebooks to boat through paddle along
my tongue up and her tong.
With my pencil so I go to dense stuck a crowd in my brain yelling screaming voices yelling.

The fighting going to flee away important hate them with no grace a detest grey sky
poor my moon shadow alone.
I'm winning not sitting complaining to others about what I need.
The complaining about how things should be.
The decisions they be abstract cuts to my skin supreme writing.

This is for the eternal today.
I sleep up in a state in a coffin no safe on plates shifting shape figures.
I'm storming in the shattered grapes shade open
to throw tape over grown in his praise to himself.

This is to be known to be blown for seen home grown here
the wrong is the right made a taste out of my place.

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This Poems Story

The final draw of exit between my demise and expression in Satanism.