Terror’s Climax

Terror's climax lives in sin
Rules break in borders of worlds
No alliance can rescind
Chaos driven to boys and girls
Sanity judged by those insane
Rage provoked and pain arisen
Souls who die now, much in vain
Those who strike won't be forgiven
Because the cause is somewhat hazy
Even soldiers conscience's pause
To think their leaders just went crazy
Why take life from Santa Claus?
Know you now, when feeling sickly
The power in rage burns oh so quickly

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This Poems Story

Daniel D. Henke's inspiration is simply a wish that altruism grows as ego blends into the Xanada that surrounds us. "Terror's Climax" is a sonnet that attempts to communicate that the intensity of hate is short lived by its own virtue. Daniel also writes poetry for nature photographers and romantic sonnets.