Test of life

Love ignites washing fears from the soul
Feeling so strong that the earth shakes
The eyes are shinier than a flawless jewel
as they look enlightened and happy.
Hands meet and clenth tight
knowing that we'll be forever
With the stars blooming in the night
as passion turns to fever.
Walking among the seas shore
still holding on to your hand
never have i loved anything more
i will never let you go.
As we walking im wondering why
people stare with such oddness
than they told me a great lie
"theres no one there".
Their words made me worry
but i hid it with a laugh
as my mind was in great furry
i stood by curious.
I love to prove,
to the prove im right and their wrong
that youre here in my life to soothe
but as i find the files my hand meets my mouth.
My lips begins to quiver
i cant believe what i've read
as my body begins to shiver
it says; DEATH NOTICE. and the name of my love.

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